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Counseling & Guidance Center

We are here to support our students by coordinating participation in our academic program and extracurricular activities to meet graduation requirements and prepare for college or careers after high school.

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WASC Accredited School
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Progress Reports | Aeries

Please check Aeries for all Progress Reports and current grades, as Progress Reports are not mailed out.   Parents/Guardians:  If you do not have an Aeries account, please set that up by following these easy steps: LINK:  https://amadorhs.amadorcoe.org/parent-portal/ ...

ParentSquare Communications

Amador Unified School District will begin using ParentSquare for all communications this school year! See the following link on the District Site for more information: ParentSquare Link . Don't hesitate to download the App so you're ready to go once school starts!

Principal’s Corner

Having attended Amador High School myself, I am extremely grateful to not only be a part of the staff but to lead the school as Principal. Amador is a very special school with a strong history of promoting academic excellence and cultivating students of character who care deeply for our community. Although our students take diverse academic paths, there is a common sentiment about what it means to be a Buffalo. It isn’t a temporary affiliation for students’ high school years; it is a way of life, an identity that extends from one generation to the next. For many students, Amador High is the place where they begin to see how their talents and passions can be channeled into something concrete in the future. As students walk through the campus, albeit a little too slowly during passing periods, they catch the first glimpses of their destinies. Not all at once, of course, but through a series of opportunities and experiences and successes and challenges.

It is this remarkable quality that truly defines our school. Amador is an impressively beautiful campus with all the charm Sutter Creek has to offer. In addition, our teachers and counselors work diligently to provide students with academic opportunities that rival that of large schools. Our students are talented musicians, artists, athletes, actors, scholars, and agriculturalists. They demonstrate leadership and strong work ethic, patience, and good humor. All of these accomplishments, however, are more significant within the context of what Amador is really about. To many, Amador is where real life finally begins; it is the training ground to prepare our students for all that is to come. I hope you have enjoyed seeing a window into the world of Amador High. I know I never tire of the view myself.

Jessica Dorris
Principal, Amador High
Phone: 209-257-7341


Our staff are dedicated to ensure that our students have the best opportunities to learn and grow. You are invited to contact us for assistance or to discuss the school or your student.

Amador High Staff

StaffPositionPhoneEmail Address
Jessica DorrisPrincipal209-257-7341jidorris@acusd.org
Nicole GravetteVice Principal209-257-7341ngravette@acusd.org
Martin SmithCampus Supervisor209-257-7355martin.smith@acusd.org
Tammy KaupAdministrative Assistant209-257-7341tkaup@acusd.org
Angella CowanRegistrar209-257-7342angella.cowan@acusd.org
Amy MartzAttendance Clerk209-257-7345amy.martz@acusd.org
Cindy SeyboldtBookkeeping 209-257-7349cseyboldt@acusd.org
LeAnn GlavenichLibrarian209-257-7346lglavenich@acusd.org

Counselor Roster

Lara EichmanCounselorStudents A - KStudents A - Lleichman@amadorcoe.k12.ca.us209-257-7353
Kelli ThompsonCounselorStudents L - ZStudents M - Zkthompson@amadorcoe.k12.ca.us209-257-7352
Angella CowanRegistrarNew Student Registrationangella.cowan@acusd.org209-257-7342


Katherine Bailey209-257-7323katherine.bailey@acusd.orgEnglish
Bill Baker209-257-7366bbaker@acusd.orgPhysical Education
Carly Benner209-257-7318cbenner@acusd.orgAgriculture / Science
Stephanie Bramer209-257-7337sbramer@acusd.orgSpecial Education
Kaleb Cagle209-257-7358kcagle@acusd.orgPhysical Education
Sue Campbell209-257-7335scampbell@acusd.orgSpecial Education
Glenn Carter209-257-7309gcarter@acusd.orgSocial Studies
Shelbie Christensen209-257-7332shelbie.christensen@acusd.orgScience
Jeremiah Cloud209-257-7311jeremiah.cloud@acusd.orgMath / Computer Science
Allie Crane209-257-7334nancy.crane@acusd.orgDigital / Visual Arts
Lorraine Cronk209-257-7336lcronk@acusd.orgScience
Evan Fellman209-257-7330


Music / Fine Arts
Karen Fesmire209-257-7324kfesmire@acusd.orgForeign Language
Jana Finarella209-257-7325jana.finarella@acusd.orgSpecial Education
Tracy Fornaciari209-257-7326tfornaciari@acusd.orgEnglish
Mary Haynes209-257-7331mary.haynes@acusd.orgScience
Matt Kantack209-257-7306mkantack@acusd.orgSocial Studies
Sarkis Kel-Artinian209-257-7321sarkis.kelartinian@acusd.orgMath / Computer Science
Ryan Little209-257-7307rlittle@acusd.orgEnglish
Jessica McCarty209-257-7368jessica.mccarty@acusd.orgPhysical Education
Samme McMahan209-257-7315smcmahan@acusd.orgSpecial Education
Ryan Mendosa209-257-7370rmendosa@acusd.orgAgriculture
Orlando Morazan209-257-7327francisco.morazan@acusd.orgForeign Language
Jenny Neely209-257-7302jenny.neely@acusd.orgCeramics/Digital Art/Yearbook
Kevin Porta209-257-7325kporta@acusd.orgCulinary / Vocational Education
Thomas Priddy209-257-7308tpriddy@acusd.orgEnglish
Anthony Restuccia209-257-7316anthony.restuccia@acusd.orgEnglish
Alison Signorotti209-257-7312asignorotti@acusd.orgMath / Computer Science
Dave Tearpak209-257-7304dtearpak@acusd.orgDigital / Visual Arts
Lori Thomas209-257-7310lthomas@acusd.orgSocial Studies
Giles Turner, the Legend209-257-7329gturner@acusd.orgDrama / Fine Arts
Greg Wall209-257-7338gwall@acusd.orgSocial Studies
Kasey Wilkerson209-257-7333kasey.wilkerson@acusd.orgSpecial Education
Kelly Stahl209-257-7314kelly.stahl@acusd.orgIntervention, Math


Yava ThonpsonInstructional Aideyava.thompson@acusd.org
Renate KellerVocational Techrkeller@acusd.org
Christine BringaziInstructional Assistantchristin.bringazi@acusd.org
Jolene MittelstadtInstructional Aidejolene.mittlestadt@acusd.org
Laura MartinezInstructional Aidelaura.martinez@acusd.org


The school site council (SSC) is a group of teachers, parents, classified employees, and students that works with the principal to develop, review and evaluate school improvement programs and school budgets. SSCs are mandated under California Education Code §52852 and require each school to:

  • Measure the effectiveness of improvement strategies at the school.
  • Seek input from school advisory committees.
  • Reaffirm or revise school goals.
  • Revise improvement strategies and expenditures.
  • Recommend the approved single plan for student achievement (SPSA) to the governing board.
  • Monitor implementation of the SPSA.

2021-2022 Meetings

Dates and times for School Site Council Meetings will be posted soon. Please check back.


SSC is constituted to have equal numbers of school-related members (principal, classroom teachers, and other school personnel) and parents or other community members.  Parents or community members on the SSC are selected by parents and pupils and may not be employed by the school district.

We invite parents, community members, staff and students to participate in the SSC.

If you would like to join our SSC, contact us.

School Site Council

Site Council Members 20-21

Member Represents
Helen LofflandParent
Amanda HudsonParent
Brenda WilsonParent
Brooke WunschelParent
Kevin PortaTeacher
Tammy KaupAdm. Asst
Jessica DorrisPrincipal
Thomas PriddyTeacher
Samme McMahanTeacher
Gordon WilsonCampus Supervisor
Amy MartzPara professional
Ian McMahanASB student


A and B Day PeriodBeginning and Ending Times
1st / 2nd8:30 - 9:59
3rd / 4th10:09 - 11:35
Lunch11:35 - 12:08
5th / 6th12:14 - 1:40
7th / 8th1:46 - 3:12


A & B Day PeriodTimes
1st / 2nd8:30 - 9:29
3rd / 4th9:35 - 10:31
5th / 6th10:41 - 11:37
7th / 8th11:43 - 12:29
Busses Leave1:00


A and B Day PeriodTimes
1st / 2nd8:30 - 9:48
3rd / 4th9:58 - 11:15
Rally11:21 - 11:53
Lunch11:53 - 12:26
5th / 6th12:32 - 1:49
7th / 8th1:55 - 3:12




Printable Amador County Public Schools 2021-2022 District School Calendar

For more District Calendars, click here:  https://amadorcoe.org/calendars/


The Amador High School Library is located on the campus and LeAnn Glavenich is the librarian. The library has a collection of over 5,000 books and periodicals, 1 week’s worth of issues from the Sacramento Bee and Ledger Dispatch, audio and video material and a set of Chromebooks connected to the Internet. The library also maintains the school’s textbook inventory.

In collaboration with teachers and the academic departments, the librarian curates the book, video and periodical collections and develops programs to enhance student learning. The librarian is available to help students select materials and use library resources.

Admission & Hours

The library is open from 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM on school days.

Students are welcome to use the library during their study hall. Passes are available during lunchtime up until the first bell.

Chromebooks & Internet

Use of the library’s internet-connected Chromebooks requires a completed Amador County Office of Education Student Application for Educational Use of District Technology form. The form must be signed by the student and his/her parent or guardian.


Nutrition Supports Learning

Our school provides nutritious breakfasts and lunches every day. Food and nutrition professionals, at the school and district, are dedicated to students’ health and wellness and understand nutrition is fundamental to learning.

The food and beverages we serve meet state and federal requirements in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Dietary Guidelines.

Breakfast menu

Lunch Menu

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