Congratulations Class of 2021

Cap and Gown, Announcements, and Instruction Sheet
Deadline to order is January 29· 2021

All Package plans will automatically come with accessories that match your announcement and school colors

Your school announcement has been designed for your senior class and will be the same announcement for all students in your class. This announcement is unique to your class and is custom made. The wording will announce your graduation date, time and place. Make it your own by adding name cards to your order and choose the style you want from the selection in the catalog.

Pay particular attention to the last line on the order form: Cap and gown information. Circle one or the other for M/F (male or female). Enter your height and weight. All of the caps are “fits all” style and will be included with your gown, as well as one tassel. You may order extra tassels in your package under “souvenir tassels.” They are the same ones that come with your caps. If you are ordering a cap, gown and tassel set only—your total will be $45.00 This price already includes tax. There is no handling charge when ordering cap, gown, tassel or cap and tassel set only.

If you are ordering accessories and announcements: Total your items on the order form and add $8.00 for packaging and handling and 7.75% tax.

You can bring your completed order to JB’s at 170 Main St. in Jackson or drop it off in the school office. If you need assistance in filling out the order form, come into JB’s and we will be happy to help! Because the completed orders will be dropped off at the school, payment in full is expected at the time of the order. Please make checks payable to JB’s. If you prefer to use a credit card you may write the number at the bottom of the order form. Be sure to include the expiration date, three digit code on the back and your zip code.

Make sure to meet the dead line by January 29th to avoid a $10.00 late fee and extra shipping.

Please give JB’s a call at 223-1353 if you have any questions.

Link to: Cap and Gown Order Form

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