Athletic Schedule

Philosophy of Student Athletics

Amador High School recognizes athletics as an integral part of the entire school setting. As such, we believe that all students should have an opportunity to participate in some form of interscholastic athletics within the limitations of each individual sport and that such participation should encourage positive scholastic and social growth. Both the student-athlete and the sport itself should be a credit to Amador High School.

The Amador County Unified School District realizes that an effective interscholastic athletic program is a product of responsible cooperation among its four major contributors: the student-athlete, the parent, the coaching staff, and the site/district administration.

We expect the athletes to develop a personal code of conduct consistent with the time-honored values of sportsmanship, scholarship, integrity, commitment, and respect. Furthermore, as a result of participation in organized team sports, we believe our students should strive to become advocates for, and representatives of, our school and community.

Amador High School’s athletes, parents, and coaches are always expected to place the team ahead of the individual. This responsibility means that when it comes to discussions of playing time, the coach, parents and athletes must keep in mind that high school sports are competitive in nature and that it is always the coach’s place to make the final decision. Obviously, parents and players will not always agree when it comes to issues of playing time for individual athletes. Amador High realizes that this is a sensitive issue, but one that is not up for discussion. Please accept the coach’s decision.





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