Dance Expectations

Amador High School Dance Conduct is available here:  Amador High School Dance Conduct

Amador High Dance Contract is available here: Amador-High-School-Dance-Contract

  • All students must have an Amador High School Dance Contract on file for the current school year in order to be eligible to purchase tickets for any dance.
  • Each student must meet the behavioral expectations of Amador High School in order to participate in dances. The Administration will contact any students and families who have not met these expectations.
  • Appropriate dress is required for students to be admitted into the dance.
  • Students will be expected to behave respectfully and with dignity.  Dancing that is provocative or unsafe will not be permitted.
  • Students who arrive more than 60 minutes after the scheduled dance start will not be admitted.
  • Once admitted, all students and guests are expected to remain at the dance until release time.  Students may be released no earlier than 60 minutes after the scheduled dance start and ONLY if parent/guardian contact is made by the administration.
  • For all dances, students will be permitted to leave 30 minutes prior to the official end time.
  • Students who do not drive must be picked up promptly at the end of the dance.


Guest Dance Contract is available here:  Amador High School Guest Dance Contract 2019/20

Guests attending Amador High School dances are subject to the following regulations:

  • Dance attendance is subject to compliance with school and dance codes and regulations.
  • Guests must be at least enrolled in 9th grade but no older than 19 years of age.
  • For Homecoming, the only guests that will be permitted are current Argonaut students in good standing or those who graduated from Amador the previous school year.
  • Guests must show a school photo ID card from their enrolled school upon admission.
  • Guests who do not attend high school must show a valid and official photo ID (driver’s license, CA ID card) upon admission.
  • Amador students are responsible for the conduct of their guest.
  • Amador students are responsible for informing guests of all school and dance codes and regulations
  • Submission of a Guest Dance Contract by the date specified is required for consideration.  Approval of Guest Dance Contracts is at the discretion of the administration.
  • School administration reserves the right to contact the parents or guardians of the Amador student and guest for any violation.
  • Failure to abide by the conduct requirements specified in the Amador High Dance Contract may result in removal from the dance.
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