Mission Statement

The purpose of the Amador Student Body is to do our best to promote the interest and opinions of every student at our school through involvement.

Associated Student Body

The Associated Student Body (ASB) is the officially recognized student group that represents all students at Amador High School and is sanctioned by the school and Amador County Unified School District. The ASB is synonymous with the student council and functions as a formal organization like the U.S. Congress or Executive Branch.

Elected student representatives and committee members work to ensure the student voice is represented at the school. The ASB also promotes activities on campus that stimulate the intellectual and social life of our students.

California Association of School Councils

The purpose of the California Association of Student Councils (CASC) is to improve the quality of life in the world by developing skilled, ethical and sensitive leaders of diverse backgrounds and cultures. It’s mission is to provide leadership development for students that emphasize authenticity, ethics, and collaborative decision-making through peer counseling. Argonaut High School’s CASC chapter provides a channel for student views and empowers them to take action on issues important to the greater student body.

Student Council


PresidentMikel Carnell
Vice PresidentMcKenna Brosz
SecretaryBobbi Hawkins
TreasurerNick Tovano-Hall
Blue Crew PresSydnee Peters


FreshmanAli Crane & Jessica McCarty
SophomoresCarly Benner & Kaleb Cagle
JuniorsKate Bailey & Jeremiah Cloud
SeniorsKevin Porta & Dave Tearpak


FreshmanConnor Clinton
SophomoresEmily Lickiss
JuniorsAshlyn Van de Hei
SeniorsElla Feist
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