Welcome to Amador High’s

Our Goal

We aim to help every student strive for academic success and discover the fun in learning by offering free peer tutoring services.

How Does ACE-It Work?

Students who sign up to receive tutoring services are matched with available tutors who volunteer during study hall or off periods.

Student Tutoring

Will Dunlop Tutoring Daylan Thetford (2016-2017)

Ace-It Tutors 2016-17

Ace-It! Tutors & Mrs. Thompson – 2016-2017

Benefits of Peer Tutoring

   Students who sign up for peer tutoring receive free help from another student of their own age group, allowing them to ask questions comfortably and have a better understanding of the subject. Being tutored by another student who has had the same class also allows for a thorough explanation from the tutor on what is expected from the teacher and teachers’ lecture styles.

   Students who volunteer to help their peers can earn class credit through the Peer Tutoring class toward graduation, community service hours for the service block letter and the graduation cord. Tutoring others also helps students review previously learned materials, lighten teachers’ workloads, as well as give back to the community at the same time!

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