Amador Places in the Top 10 Forestry Challenge

Jeremiah Cloud team advisor:

The Forestry Challenge can be found at and my team for the last two years has consisted of Mackenzie Waverly, Julianna Lilly, and Skyla Loffland. We competed in the El Dorado Forest Challenge in 2019 for which we got 8th place this year and have made it in the top 10 for the last two years qualifying for the state challenge. Usually there are 80+ schools so our 2019 result was 8th place as well among 106 teams across the state. Attached are the results for the virtual challenge this year.

Each normal year, there are 4 qualifying events. The San Bernadino Challenge, El Dorado Challenge, Shasta Challenge, and Santa Cruz Challenge. This year was a virtual event within the USAL Redwood Forest in NW California and the focus topic revolved around a profitable multiphase forest restoration project to increase the old growth redwood forest in the region while also reducing the proportion of fir trees, minimal use of herbicides, and also generating a net profit. Students do things like pacing and utilize algebra and geometry to calculate various statistics about an on site forestry region in addition to seeing data analysis from the region and learning to interpret it. They are also able to interview foresters and receive various periods of time to create a presentation that will be judged on the second to last day of the trip. Aside from the challenge, there are usually bonfires, various camp activities based on which site you are at, and meals throughout the day.

Since we have done the El Dorado challenge, our goal is to attend the Shasta Challenge for their senior year pending the status of Covid requirements in the fall. There is also the state challenge which may just be a field trip this summer if the Covid requirements are lenient enough.

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