Daily Bulletin Monday November 23rd, 2020

A Day Cohort 1

School Spirit week from 11-30- to 12-4 Monday and Tuesday are dress like a teacher day and Thursday and Friday are ugly holiday sweater day.

Remember to do your part and social distance and wear your mask to help stop the spread of the virus.

Free Breakfast and lunch every day in cafeteria

Happy Birthday
Nov. 1st –today to: Matthew Herrera Melville, Dominic D’Agostini, Emily Lickiss, Stephen Hopkins, James Perkins, Alexis Castro, Skyler Crowe, Alexander Nicholson, Veronica Chambers, Connor Johnson, Claudia Leigh-Wood, Marcus Sutton, Amber Thurkill, Abel Lopez, London Redkey, Mason Andelin, Aiden Connolly, Marin Aiko-Powell, Ashlynd Dunn, Jasmine Alorro, Cole Campbell, Emilie Quist, Toni Acuna, Ian Carton, Gabriel Reiser, Liam Parvin Nicolas Travano, Isabel Falconer, Sierra Thurlkill, Mason Wright, Henry Bearce, Nathan Kolstad, Sierra Noel, James Woodworth, Stephanie May Stapleton, Jace Jarette Adam Lenning

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