Please complete one enrollment form per child for the option you prefer.

In order to set up classes and determine staffing needs for the two options, we need to hear back from all families by Friday, August 7. Any student not accounted for with an enrollment form by August 7 will be assigned to distance learning.

Full Time Distance Learning
○ Daily interaction with teacher and peers
○ Daily attendance requirement
○ Assessments, grading, and instructional materials sent home
○ Many more improvements in compliance with AB 77

Distance Learning Student Enrollment  Link to: Distance Learning Form

Home School (Elementary) / Independent Study (Secondary)
○ First-come, first-served basis. We will try to accommodate all families
○ Weekly meetings with teacher for instruction/support
○ Work completed on a schedule convenient to the family and turned in at the following week’s appointment
○ Teacher support for the parent/guardian who plays a teaching role

Home School Student Enrollment Link to: Home School Enrollment

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