Student/Teacher Support Schedule

Below is a link to the Amador High Student/Teacher Support Schedule

Link to: Amador High Student Support Schedule

Please note:  Schedule is subject to change based on identified student need as Distance Learning continues.

Amador High School Schedule for Student Learning Support

9:45-10:00Period 1 Check In8:30-10:00Period 1 Office Hours8:30-10:00Period 2 Office Hours
10:05-10:20Period 2 Check In
10:45-11:00Period 3 Check In10:15-11:40Period 3 Office Hours10:15-11:40Period 4 Office Hours
11:05-11:20Period 4 Check In
11:25-11:40Period 5 Check In12:30-2:00Period 5 Office Hours12:30-2:00Period 6 Office Hours
12:20-12:35Period 6 Check In
12:40-12:55Period 7 Check In2:00-2:30Period 7 Office Hours2:00-2:30Period 8 Office Hours
1:00-1:15Period 8 Check In
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