Athletics: Boys Basketball tournament,
Meeting: Debate club @ lunch in room P1 and S Club @ lunch in S1
Drama: Newsies @ 6:30

Going to a Trade or Vocational School? Community College or University? There’s money you can earn for your career training just by applying for scholarships. It’s way better than just getting a student loan! Deadline for entries are early this February so see Mrs. Reynolds in the Career Center to pick up your application packet now.

Last chance to join Amador wresting! You have until the end of the week to join. Talk to Andrew Welch if interested.

The U.S. Census is hiring now. If you are 18 years old, you can get paid training for office and fieldwork jobs and enjoy flexible hours. See Mrs. Reynolds in the Career Center for more information.

Today we are on a rally/extended lumch schedule.

Happy Birthday today to no birthdays: Sophia Bergfeld, John Mitchell,

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