In order to participate in Amador High School athletics, students must get a physical by a physician no earlier than June 1st for the upcoming school year and turn in the following completed forms to the Athletic Director’s office where they will be kept on file.

Athletics Participation Forms



Athlete Sportsmanship

Students participating in athletics at Amador High School are expected to demonstrate the highest standards of sportsmanship. This requires students compete fairly and are respectful of the people and institutions associated with athletic contests. Amador High School athletes follow the rules and are modest in victory and gracious in defeat.

  • Athletes must show respect for their teammates, opponents, and the officials
  • Athletes set an example of good citizenship for their classmates
  • Athletes promote school spirit and are positive role models at school and in the community
  • Athletes show respect to teachers and their fellow students
  • Athletes maintain good attendance, satisfactory academic grades, and satisfactory citizenship standards
  • Athletes represent their team, school and community with honor and dignity at home and when visiting our opponents community
  • Athletes dress appropriately, are well groomed and well mannered at all times
  • Athletes do not use profanity, damage property or equipment or behave immaturely
  • Athletes are not defiant and do not speak disrespectfully to anyone including coaches, teachers, opponents or game officials

Participating in Amador High School athletics is a privilege and abiding by these standard is a requirement for continued participation. In victory or defeat athletes are expected to bring honor to our school and community. Athletes who do not meet these expectations will have the privilege of participation limited or revoked.

Parent/Guardian Sportsmanship

Athletic competition can be emotionally charged for the parents/guardians of student athletes. As representatives of our school and community we hope that parents/guardians demonstrate the same high standards of conduct that we expect of our athletes – especially when emotions are high. We ask parents/guardians to embrace being a positive role model by showing respect to athletes from both sides, officials, coaches and other spectators.

We welcome parent/guardian input but ask that it is given at an appropriate time and place. Please do not engage coaching staff during games. Instead contact the school and make an appointment to speak a coach. If you have a grievance which is not resolved by speaking with a coach contact the Athletic Director who is available to hear your concerns and mediate disagreements.

Conduct Towards Game Officials

Game officials are charged with ensuring that athletic competitions are fair and safe. Every official makes mistakes but they do not intentionally affect the outcome of games. It is athletic tradition and California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) rule that only appointed team captains speak with officials. Captains are expected to address officials with respect and relevance to the rules of the game. Engaging with disrespect to a game official reflects poorly on our school and community and will not be tolerated.

Health & Safety

Sports Physicals

In order to participate in athletics, students must get a sports physical prior to each school year. Only one physical is required per school year.

Nurses, chiropractors and physicians visit the school on a scheduled date each year to give physicals for a fee of $20. These health professionals provide this service with the best intentions and good and the fees are donated to the school’s athletics program. The Amador Ledger sports page posts the date and time for at-school physicals.

Parents/guardians may choose to get their student’s physical from their own physician. The physician should sign a yellow Pre-Participation Physical Examination form.

A sports physical is not a comprehensive medical examination and will only identify certain medical concerns. Parents/guardians are encouraged to protect the health and safety of their student athlete with regular comprehensive medical examinations.


Students participating in athletics must have accident insurance coverage as required by law. An Athletic Insurance Information form must be signed by a parent/guardian and given to the student’s coach before participating in athletics. The form is included in the sports packet given to the student athlete and is gray.

Injury Policy & Procedures

The following people are authorized to provide care to an athlete injured during practice or competition:

  1. Coaches with CIF-established competency in the care/prevention of athletic injuries, basic sports injury first aid, and emergency care procedures
  2. Licensed physicians, registered nurses, and chiropractors
  3. EMTs (I or II) and paramedics

Athletes must immediately report injuries to the coaching staff. Failure to report an injury may result in it’s classification as on off-campus event and effect coverage under insurance.

Practice and competition are immediately stopped whenever an injury results in the potential to transmit disease through blood or bodily fluids. The injured athlete is escorted off the field or court to receive medical treatment. Athletes are not permitted to rejoin a competition until their blood or bodily fluids are controlled and pose no risk.

Should an injury raise concern for ongoing health risks, coaches and school administrators, at their own discretion, may require follow-up medical evaluation by an appropriate health professional before a student may participate in practice or competitions. The health and welfare of our students is a higher priority than his/her participation in athletics.

In the case of serious injury, we take the following steps:

  1. Proper care and attention shall be provided pending the arrival of an ambulance
  2. Parents or guardians will be notified as soon as possible with all available information. If they cannot be contacted, the emergency contact person named on the athlete’s Athletic Participation Form will be contacted
  3. If an athlete’s parents/guardians are unavailable, a school representative (preferably administrative or certificated) shall accompany the injured athlete to the hospital
  4. Parents or guardians will be responsible for picking up the athlete from the hospital
  5. An athlete who has been referred to a doctor will not be permitted to return to practice or competition without a signed medical release.


Age Eligibility

Any athlete who will turn nineteen years old on or before June 14th of the current school year is ineligible to participate in any sport governed by CIF during the next school year. There is an appeal process. See the athletic director for further details.

Season of Sport Eligibility

State law mandates that an athlete may not be a member of another team while playing on a high school team in the same sport. For example, if a high school basketball player participates in basketball on a church team, during the high school basketball season, he would be in violation of state rules. Soccer has different rules regarding this subject. Please check with the athletic director before playing on any outside team.

Each athlete is expected to complete a sport-season once he is declared a team member by the coach. The only way for an athlete to change sports during a season is to get permission from both the coach he/she is currently playing for and the coach he/she wishes to play for.

Academic Eligibility

CIF and the Amador County Unified School District Board of Education regulate athletic eligibility. The rules state:

  1. An athlete must be enrolled in at least twenty semester units of work.
  2. The student must have passed a minimum of 20 semester units of work the previous grading period.
  3. At the end of each 10 week grading period, an athlete must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and no more than one “F” grade to remain eligible. If an athlete becomes ineligible he/she remains ineligible until the next grading period is complete. The dates that eligibility becomes effective will be posted each year.
  4. All incoming freshmen are eligible at the beginning of school. If an incoming freshman was ineligible entering high school, based on the above criteria, they are on academic probation. When the first progress grades are issued, (fifth week of quarter) an athlete may not have any “F” grades. The GPA is not considered. When the first quarter grades are issued, the athlete will fall under the above eligibility rules.
  5. An ineligible athlete may practice if the coach is in agreement. It is up to the coach.

Residential Eligibility

CIF requires that students who participate on a school team must be living with parents or legal guardians who reside within the school’s attendance boundaries. All exceptions to this rule require that special permission slips, forms, and letters of approval be on file before a student can be declared eligible. Questions about these exceptions should be addressed to the athletic director or administrator in charge of athletics.

Because the penalty for allowing an ineligible athlete to participate in athletics is severe, (the team must forfeit any contests in which the athlete participated) any athlete living outside the school’s boundaries should notify the Athletic Director and coach of his residence at the beginning of the season so that the Athletic Director and coach can make sure that all the appropriate forms and approvals are on file.

An athlete who is dishonest about his/her residence places his/her entire team in jeopardy. Any athlete known to be using a false address, or is in any way being dishonest about a residence, should be reported to the athletic director.

If a student’s family moves out of the attendance area, but the student remains enrolled at Amador High School, the student must immediately report the change of residence to the coach. In most cases, students who move can retain their eligibility, but special forms and approvals must be on file.

Failure to comply with the residential eligibility requirements may not only lead to athletic ineligibility, but also school discipline.


When the Amador County Unified School District (ACUSD) provides transportation, members of the team must travel to the event on the bus or van provided.

Transportation home will follow the guidelines below:

  1. Parents or guardians wishing to transport their student at the completion of the event may do so by contacting the coach and signing for the athlete.
  2. Parents or guardians requesting their student be transported by another player’s parent or guardian at the completion of an event may do so by giving the written permission form (Blue) to the coach prior to the first game of the season. Notes given on a game-by-game basis will not be accepted. This rule is for your child’s safety.
  3. Transportation is not provided for any athletic event when we compete or practice within Amador County. Students must arrange their own rides. Due to the number of athletes and equipment, football and track may be an exception.
  4. Once the bus/van has arrived back at school your child will be allowed to travel home with anyone they wish. The athletic coaches are not responsible to supervise your child once they arrive back on school grounds; therefore, district personnel will not be involved with any transportation from school to home. Please be on time to pick up your child. We do not like to leave students on campus unattended.

Drug, Alcohol, Tobacco & Steroids

The school site administrator will deal with violations of ACUSD BP/AR 5131.6 and 5131.62 with regards to drug, alcohol, or tobacco use. Situations, which involve administrative intervention in compliance with the student conduct code or athletic contract, will result in suspension from athletics. The length of time will be determined on a case-by-case basis. Students will not be allowed to participate in practices or competition during the period of suspension.

Anabolic steroids are recognized as a controlled substance, which should be used by prescription only. Possession of any form of steroid not prescribed by a physician will result in suspension as outlined in BP/AR 5131.6. Use of any form of steroid not prescribed by a physician will result in suspension from athletic participation. The suspension will remain in force until the student tests negative for steroids and is cleared by a physician. The student’s parent/guardian is responsible for the cost (laboratory fees) involved in achieving a negative test and the cost (physician’s fees) for medical release.

The Amador County Unified School District and all of the campuses therein are recognized as “Tobacco Free” campuses. The administration would appreciate full cooperation with these rules.

Practice Attendance

Students who participate in athletics make a commitment to a team and are expected to maintain good attendance in practice and in the classroom.

Students are expected to attend all practices and contests unless they are absent from school due to illness or unless the coach excuses them. Students are expected to communicate directly with the coach when they cannot attend a practice or game.

Athletes are required to call the school at (209) 267-5244 and leave a message for the coach if they are going to miss a practice or a game. Good communication between a player and his/her coach is imperative; do not have another teammate relay a message for you.

Unexcused absences from practice or failure to maintain good school attendance may result in loss of playing time or removal from the team. Coaches may also adopt individual rules for practice and game attendance.

Students are expected to be in school the entire day in order to be eligible to participate in a scheduled event for that day. Students are expected to be in their first period class the day after a competition. A pattern, which displays otherwise, will result in a loss of playing time. Exceptions will be made for medical appointments.


Athletes are responsible for all school equipment issued to them. An athlete may not participate in any additional sport until all equipment from a preceding sport has been properly accounted for. This may require purchase or replacement of equipment as designated by the school because of loss, theft, or damage.

Letters & Other Awards

Letters are awarded according to school, league, and CIF rules and regulations without cost to the athlete. To receive a block “A”, an athlete must complete the entire season in good standing. Any student that is academically ineligible (before or during) the season or who is suspended during the season for drugs or alcohol violations will not receive a letter.

  1. Each athlete will receive a 4” baby block “A” for his/her first Frosh/JV sport. (one letter maximum)
  2. For each Freshmen/JV sport, an athlete will receive a Freshmen/JV cloth emblem.
  3. Each athlete will receive a large 7” block “A” for his or her first varsity sport.
  4. For each varsity sport played, every athlete will receive a Varsity cloth emblem.

Team Pictures

Professional team pictures are arranged each year by the team’s coach. The present coach is responsible for the date of the photo and will choose a company to take the photos. The company hired is in charge of dealing with all money collected for pictures. The athletic department does not deal with team pictures; therefore all questions regarding pictures should be directed to the team’s coach, or the company taking the photos.

Directions to Schools

We encourage parents or guardians to travel to all games to support their student athlete, the team and our school. If you would like directions to an away game, please remind your child to pick up a set of directions from his or her coach or visit the Sac-Joaquin Section website. Please do not call the school for directions.


Athletic schedules are on the Amador High Athletics Calendar page. Please do not call the school for athletics schedules.

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