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Editor Note: The following content was taken from the secondary site.  This CMS has the capability to integrate a calendar, blog, pages and more.  Rather than copy everything over, it would be a good idea to see if the CMS built-in features are sufficient to discontinue a second site…for many good reasons, the primary of which is ADA Accessibility requirements.


Welcome to the place where creativity can live and we are free to be ourselves. Well, as long as Mr. Turner is okay with it.  Amador High has been around for an unbelievable 100 years and Mr. Turner has been teaching for half of that time. So make your ideas heard, step into a world where you are free to run with what you have and use it to your advantage. Enter the Giles Turner Performing Arts Center and become part of a great theatre ecosystem. Welcome home to drama.

Highlights of our 2015-2016 School Year

  • Dance excited audiences with 18 creative numbers in their yearly concert.
  • Beginning Drama thrilled children with Snowman At Christmas.
  • Junior High Drama delighted parents with improvs, scenes, and their one-act play.
  • Musical Theatre brought joy to families with Beauty and the Beast.
  • Advanced Drama created magic on the stage with Servant of Two Masters.
  • Stagecraft builds beautiful sets for the musical and Shakespeare.
  • One-Act cast received accolades with their memorable 14 Main

Sponsorship Levels

  1. Season Sponsor ($3,000)
    Your name will be proudly placed at the top of our yearly season calendar, highlighted on the program-cover of all our productions, printed on all our show flyers, included in all publicity releases and announced before all performances.
  2. Show Sponsor ($300)
    Your name will be on our yearly season calendar, highlighted on the program-cover of your show, printed on your show’s flyers, included in publicity releases for your show and announced before each performance of your show.
  3. Philanthropists ($200), Benefactor ($100) and Patrons
    Your names will be highlighted in our program.

The Performing Arts students have two of their own fundraisers – the Jug and Rose Footrace in September and the Broadway Dinner in October.

Contributors can be mailed to:

Amador H.S. Performing Arts
330 Spanish Street
Sutter Creek, CA 95685